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Pin Code (or) Postal Zip Code 520015 reffers 3 Post Offices of Vijayawada Division, Krishna District of ANDHRA PRADESH State. The Detailed information about the post offices with Post code 520015 is given as below.

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  • Azitnagar Post office
    Post Office Type: Sub Office
    Contact Number : 0866-2400253
  • Patamata Lanka Post office
    Post Office Type: Branch Office
    Contact Number : NA
  • Payakapuram Post office
    Post Office Type: Branch Office
    Contact Number : NA

  • What is PIN Code?

    PIN Code which means Postal Index Number or sometimes Postal Identification Number is an unique number that is provided to Postal Zones by India Post (an Indian Government Organisation). This PIN Code is a 6 digit number in India and enables the Post to identify the target location easily and will reach the destination as quick as possible.

    What is ZIP Code?

    The Pin Code number is also known as ZIP Code in many other countries, ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan and is introduced by United States Posal Service (USPS). In USA ZipCode consists an hypen(-) in the middle which seperates City code and Sub region code.

    How to find PIN Codes of India?

    It is easy now to find PINCode of any location in India. From the right side menu selection..
    1. Select the state in the first dropdown to find pin code.
    2. Select the district for which you wish to find Pincode.
    3. Select the Starting letter of the Location that you want to locate pin code.
    4. Select the exact location for which you wish to find the pin code?

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